Pick up a few tips on Scandinavian interior design through Produit Intérieur Brut!

Shabby chic furniture encompasses light fittings too!

The Scandinavians have a well-deserved reputation for design excellence, both inside and outside the home. PIB-Home (www.pib-home.co.uk) sells a range of interior design goodies, but also offers a quick overview of the history of some of Europe’s main schools of design. Sweden is obviously a design super-power in its own right, but there are also separate sections on Denmark and Finland, which you can see at http://www.pib-home.co.uk/scandinavian/en/scandinavian-design. Finnish design is closely connected with its natural environment, both in the materials it employs (woods such as pine and birch) and its ‘organic’ lines and curves. It is also characterized by a strong tradition of family firms and excellence in craftsmanship.

Shabby chic furniture encompasses light fittings too!
Source: http://www.pib-home.co.uk

The use of light is another crucial aspect of Scandinavian design, given the length of the winter nights. Creating the right ambience is as important as merely providing illumination. That’s why it’s vital to pick light fittings that are in keeping with the general style you are looking to project. The shabby chic chandeliers below could work as part of a larger bohemian ensemble, or else act as a startling contrast to industrial design style pieces.

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